The Living and the Dead An analysis of the relationship between the two worlds during Prehistory at the Lower Danube

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Anul publicării: 2008


The authors want to thank to the many colleagues that supported and advised them during the writing of the book. Without their support, our enterprise would not have been possible. With the hope that we did not forget any of them, we will mention them here, showing them our gratitude: Petre Roman, Done Serbanescu, Valeriu Sîrbu, Alexandra Comsa, Gabriel Craciunescu, Gheorghe Calotoiu, Cristinel Fântâneanu, Traian Popa, Adina Boroneant, Ionut Semuc.

An inestimable help was offered to us by our good friend from U.S.A., Prof. David Monsees (Washington D.C.). His correction of the English translation realized by Raluca Kogalniceanu extended over many other structural issues. His advices and critiques determined us to modify or to extend the discussion of certain issues.

The help granted to us by David Monsees and John Crary, through the ArchaeoCommunity Foundation (U.S.A.) was invaluable. Thanks to the help given by this Foundation, important archaeological field research has been done for several years in Romania (at Radovanu), and the authors of the book could make several documentation trips to the United States.

We cannot end without saying that the inherent errors from this book belong to us.

Autor: Cristian Schuster, Raluca Kogalniceanu, Alexandru Morintz
An aparitie: 2008
Nr. Pagini: 132
Nr. Planse: 42
Format: 17x24 cm


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