Matrix Upper Intermediate Teachers Book

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Matrix Upper Intermediate Teacher's Book de Kathy Gude. Description: A series that prepares students for secondary school-leaving exams.

Key features
Matrix develops grammar, vocabulary and the four main skills within an exam context.
Engaging texts provide authentic input for the development of students' reading and listening skills, and provide cultural information.
Each unit is theme-related, with topics chosen for their appeal to 16-19 year-olds.
Grammar is presented and practised in a way that allows students to reflect on their understanding of English, and see it fall into place.
Exam training is highlighted throughout the course via 'Exam training' boxes which offer students practical advice on developing both study skills and examination techniques.
Contents: ten theme-related units

'Let's revise' pages after every second unit

'Culture focus' and 'Reading for pleasure' in Pre-Intermediate level

a Grammar reference section, cross-referenced to the relevant units

a Wordlist with definitions and examples

* The image displayed is of the main component of this series e.g. the student's book

Author: Gude, K.& Wildman, J.
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 0194369641
ISBN-13: 9780194369640
Publication Date: 2002


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