Drugs during pregnancy and lactation. Treatment Options and Risk Assessment

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The latest edition is the resource for any practicing OB/GYN, family physician, midwife, or pharmacist who prescribes medicinal products to or evaluates environmental or occupational exposures in women who are or may become pregnant. Based on the highly successful seven German editions of this reference, the up-to-date drug listings have been revised into a handy pocket guide color tabbed for quick access to important information. Easy to reference each drug is listed discussing the side effects, general impact on organ systems, potential toxicity, and risks before offering dosage recommendations. It is the only book of its kind to provide conclusive information on treatments for diseases during pregnancy and lactation and actions to be taken after (inadvertant) exposure to drugs suspected to be developmentaly toxic. Unlike other dosage guides, this edition is an affordable, compact compendium of knowledge on the very latest drugs and their effects on pregnant/lactating women.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists; Breast feeding specialists, Nursing practitioners, Midwives

Preface List of Contributors

1. General commentary to drug therapy and drug risks in pregnancy
Richard K. Miller, Paul W. Peters and Christof E. Schaefer

2. Specific drug therapies during pregnancy
2.1 Analgesics and Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Minke Reuvers, Christof Schaefer 2.2 Antiallergic Drugs and Desensitization Margreet Rost van Tonningen 2.3 Antiasthmatic and Cough Medication Hanneke Garbis 2.4 Antiemetics Lee H Goldstein, Matitiahu Berkovitch 2.5 Gastrointestinal, Antilipidemic Agents and Spasmolytics Margreet Rost van Tonningen 2.6 Anti-infective agents Hanneke Garbis, Margreet Rost van Tonningen, Minke Reuvers 2.7 Vaccines and Immunoglobulins Paul Peters 2.8 Heart and Circulatory System Drugs and Diuretics Corinna Weber-Schondorfer 2.9 Anticoagulant and fibrinolytic drugs Minke Reuvers 2.10 Antiepileptics Elisabeth Robert-Gnansia, Christof Schaefer 2.11 Psychotropic drugs Hanneke Garbis, Patricia R. McElhatton 2.12.Immunomodulators Corinna Weber-Schondorfer 2.13 Antineoplastic Drugs Corinna Weber-Schondorfer, Christof Schaefer 2.14 Uterine contraction agents, tocolytics, vaginal therapeutics and local contraceptives Herman van Geijn 2.15 Hormones Elvira Rodriguez-Pinilla, Corinna Weber-Schondorfer 2.16 General and local anesthetics and muscle relaxants Asher Ornoy 2.17 Dermatological medications and local therapeutics Paul Peters, Christof Schaefer 2.18 Vitamins, minerals and trace elements Paul Peters, Christof Schaefer 2.19 Herbs During Pregnancy Henry M. Hess, Richard K. Miller, 2.20 Diagnostic agents Elisabeth Robert-Gnansia 2.21Recreational drugs Paul Peters Christof Schaefer 2.22 Poisonings and Toxins Christof Schaefer 2.23 Occupational, industrial and environmental agents Paul Peters, Richard K. Miller and Patricia R. McElhatton

3 General Commentary on Drug Therapy and Drug Risk During Lactation
Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer

4 Specific drug therapies during lactation
4.1 Analgesics, antiphlogistics and anesthetics Christof Schaefer 4.2 Antiallergics, antiasthmatics and antitussives Christof Schaefer 4.3 Gastrointestinal drugs Christof Schaefer 4.4 Antiinfectives Christof Schaefer 4.5 Vaccines and Immunoglobulins Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.6 Cardiovascular drugs and diuretics Christof Schaefer 4.7 Anticoagulants and fibrinolytics Christof Schaefer 4.8 Antiepileptics Christof Schaefer 4.9 Psychotropic drugs Christof Schaefer 4.10 Immunomodulating and Antineoplastic Agents Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.11 Hormones and hormone antagonists Christof Schaefer 4.12 Dermatological Drugs and Local Therapeutics Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.13 Alternative Remedies , Vitamins and Minerals Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.14 Diagnostics Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.15 Infections Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.16 Recreational Drugs Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.17 Plant Toxins Ruth Lawrence, Christof Schaefer 4.18 Industrial chemicals and environmental contaminants Christof Schaefer Appendix A - Teratology Information Centers Appendix B - Addresses for breastfeeding support Subject Index

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